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SeqBiome, DSM & Atlantia Clinical Trials investigate how Fruitflow® affects TMAO and gut microbiota

January 22, 2023

Together with colleagues at Atlantia Clinical Trials and DSM Nutritional Products we have investigated how polyphenol-rich extracts modulate the gut microbiota conferring cardiovascular benefits to humans. The 4 week supplementation with the water-soluble tomato extract Fruitflow® led to decreased trimethylamine N-oxide (TMAO) levels in fasting blood and urine, along with significant changes in microbiome composition. The results (published in the Journal of Nutrition) support earlier findings that polyphenol-rich extracts can lower plasma TMAO in overweight and obese adults related to gut microbiota modulation.

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Frank Walsh is joining our Board of Directors

January 19, 2023

Over the past decade advances in technology and understanding have progressed the microbiome arena into a multi-billion-euro industry. SeqBiome which has unparalleled experience and expertise in the space is a major beneficiary of this expansion and is now working with some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical, biotech and food companies across Europe and the USA. In anticipation of further growth, the Company is strengthening its board of directors.
Serving as a Non-Executive Board Director, Frank will bring 30-years of experience building shareholder-value in early-stage companies.
“The ability to quickly and expertly analyse a diverse range of microbiomes is a really timely proposition. A wide variety of life-sciences companies, from pharma to food, are interested in developing new microbiome-related products and services. SeqBiome is at the leading edge of this trend, and I am excited to join their board and help drive growth and an outcome for all shareholders”, said Frank Walsh, newly nominated to join The SeqBiome Board of Directors.
“I am absolutely delighted that we crossed paths and now have Frank on our side to help take Seqbiome to new heights. Frank has been on the start-up journey across so many companies we are delighted to be able to tap into his network and knowledge”, said Marcus Claesson, co-founder and CEO of SeqBiome.

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SeqBiome ‘team’ up with APC Microbiome Ireland and Teagasc for a new review on the athlete microbiome

November 18, 2022

A new publication, led by SeqBiome’s Marcus O’Brien, entitled ‘The Athlete Gut Microbiome and its Relevance to Health and Performance: A Review’ was published today in the highly regarded peer review journal Sports Medicine. The review notes that multiple studies have shown a potential bidirectional relationship between exercise and the gut microbiome, with some studies demonstrating the possibility of influencing this relationship. Importantly, this could provide a useful route to influence athletic performance via microbiome manipulation, a valuable prospect for many elite athletes and their teams.

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