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Our partner Freya Biosciences announces positive microbiome therapy for vaginal dysbiosis

June 26, 2023

We are delighted to have contributed to the positive outcomes from the Freya Bioscience’s first Phase 1 clinical study of its lead asset FB101, which is an investigational immunotherapeutic targeting vaginal microbial dysbiosis. Together also with Atlantia Clinical Trials, we evaluated the longitudinal change in the vaginal microbiome after vaginal administration of FB101 in women with asymptomatic vaginal tract dysbiosis, and found that FB101 let to a rapid and sustained switch from a dysbiotic to a Lactobacillus-dominated microbiome. Half of the women showed that engraftment of the Lactobacilli species was established, as determined by strain-level engraftment analysis. Freya intends to expand studies of FB101 for improving fertility outcomes and enhancing the success rates of IVF.

Read more in the Microbiome Times.

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Mapping gut microbiome transfer from mother to baby

June 12, 2023

Our CTO is the last author in a recently published study in Nature Communications, the most in-depth investigation to date of mother-to-infant transmission of common gut bacteria. The project that is titled MicrobeMum shows that the transfer of gut bacteria from a mother to an infant is a common phenomenon, which is strongly influenced by external factors including mode of delivery and exposure to antibiotics in labour. The findings could support the development of targeted probiotic supplements based on these bacteria, with potential benefits to boost immune systems, increase microbial infection resistance, fight disease and even aid digestion.

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SeqBiome sponsors conference on microbiome bioinformatics and machine learning

June 10, 2023

SeqBiome is proud to have sponsored a conference on the next-generation bioinformatics tools for microbiome research hosted at the beautiful Aula Maxima at University College Cork. It was hosted jointly by one of the world’s largest microbiome institutes APC Microbiome Ireland and the COST Action ML4Microbiome, which is led by CEO Marcus Claesson and has 170 members across 35 countries. The aim of this 4-year Action is to optimise, standardise and disseminate best practice of Machine Learning for analysing human microbiome data.

In addition to progressing this highly cross-disciplinary field and network, ML4Microbiome has trained a large number of young researchers in these sciences, whereas others have obtained means to carry out guest research projects across European labs.

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