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Welcome to SeqBiome

SeqBiome measures, analyses, and interprets the microbiome, using state-of-the-art molecular tools, providing our customers with meaningful, actionable insights to the microbiome.


We partner with leading companies and organisations in the Nutrition, Pharmaceutical,

Beauty, Healthcare, Sport and Academic sectors.


Study Design

Sample Processing


Compositional and Functional Microbiome Analysis

Biostatistical and Bioinformatic Analysis

Publication & Patent Ready Outputs

Who we work with?

We know the Microbiome is important to our clients , which include:

SeqBiome provides excellent technical and scientific services from sample processing to the analysis of sequencing data. The whole team is very professional, reliable and supportive and we enjoy the fast (and always friendly) communication. We are pleased to have SeqBiome as a partner for high quality microbiome analysis and are looking forward to continue our excellent collaboration.

Weleda AG

The demand for high-quality microbiome analysis from our clients has increased dramatically in recent years. We are excited to have formed a strategic partnership with SeqBiome who complement our services in a significant way. The SeqBiome team are recognised across the globe as some of the most experienced scientists in their field. We are very much looking forward to working and scaling with them in this fast growing market.

Atlantia Clinical Food Trials

We engaged Seqbiome because they could provide tailor made solutions for microbiome sequence analysis that could advance our knowledge on potential bacterial strain application. Seqbiome delivered on their promise to offer us a high quality interactive service with clear interpretable data reporting for immediate business application. We look forward to a continuous partnership with Seqbiome.

H&H Group

It was a pleasure to work with the SeqBiome team, and their flexibility and broad technical knowledge was a huge benefit for us in designing a workplan which was tailored to our exact needs. We are confident that we have a reliable, high-quality report suitable for review by regulatory authorities and partners.

PrecisionBiotics Global

The SeqBiome team were wonderful in setting up and transferring a customised bioinformatic pipeline to my team that has saved us months of project time.

Prof Liam O’Mahony, UCC

Very friendly, reliable and supportive team to interact with. I'm 100% satisfied with their service.

AO Research Institute Davos