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Advice on state of the art design procedures

As Microbiome research rapidly evolves, we continue to stay up to date and provide the most recent and appropriate statistical methods. Our advice, using state-of-the-art experimental design procedures include, among other considerations:

  • Technical and Biological Replicates
  • Appropriate sample sizes
  • Sequencing depth
  • Potential confounders, bias and contaminant reduction

Our compositionally-robust analyses control for fundamental problems in microbiome data, such as differences in read coverage, false correlation in abundance, and the prevalence of rare features.

We give you the strongest foundation to build on, whether using time series analysis, repeated-measure correlation between microbes, or differential proportionality in multi-omics data.

Sample Processing


Compositional and Functional Microbiome Analysis

Biostatistical and Bioinformatic Analysis

Publication/Patent Ready Outputs