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SeqBiome had the pleasure of being the expert microbiome analysis partner on the first placebo-controlled trial of vaginal microbiota transplantation (VMT) in women with asymptomatic dysbiosis .┬áTogether with Atlantia Clinical Trials, we are delighted to partner with Freya Biosciences as they develop interventions for this important area of Women’s Health.

The composition of the vaginal microbiota has a profound impact on sexual and reproductive health1-4. The cervicovaginal tract contains commensal bacteria communities, wherein dominance by a subset of Lactobacillus species is generally associated with better health outcomes. A deviation from a low diversity community is often characterized by a high abundance of facultative and strictly anaerobic species and is regarded as a non-optimal state referred to as dysbiosis, that may or may not be accompanied by clinical symptoms5.

This is in dramatic contrast to the more widely studied intestinal microbiota, where a loss of diversity is often observed at the onset or during disease, and a high bacterial diversity is key to maintenance of homeostasis6. The composition of the vaginal microbiota correlates with risk of infection of the reproductive and urinary tracts5,7-10, fertility and pregnancy outcomes11-17, and potentially cancers and cancer treatment outcomes18-20. However, despite the tremendous importance of the vaginal microbiota, we currently lack effective strategies for correcting dysbiosis durably.

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