Dr. Jim Collins SeqBiome leaders in high quality microbiome analysis in Ireland. Microbiome microbiome analysis microbiome sequencing gut microbiome microbiome sample processing microbiome study design microbiome data analysis Shotgun, Amplicon 16s/ITS Metagenomics Metatranscriptomics, Microbiome sequencing, Pathogen detection, Custom data analysis, Shotgun, Amplicon 16s/ITS, Metatranscriptomics

Jim has over 20 years of experience in the development and scale-up of genome analysis technologies for genetic testing applications. Prior to joining SeqBiome, he led the development and deployment of sequencing-based tests with a focus on women’s health at Invitae, a genetic testing company based in San Francisco. Before that, Jim directed the development of technologies for non-invasive prenatal screening at Singular Bio (acquired by Invitae) and CellScape and platform technologies for genomic analysis at Complete Genomics, Affymetrix and Agilent. Jim holds BSc and PhD degrees in Microbiology from University College Cork.