All good analysis starts with a good question; we help formulate a research hypothesis that can be soundly tested and adequately powered to give reliable results. Whether your interest is “who’s there?” (amplicon), “what can they do?” (metagenomics), or “what are they doing right now?” (metatranscriptomics), we help you frame the right question through the right technology.

SeqBiome has extensive experience of profiling microbiome composition and functions from phylogenetic markers (16S rRNA gene/transcript, ITS) and shotgun meta-genomic/transcriptomic sequencing. Our custom pipeline provides species-level classification for 16S rRNA gene sequences wherever possible, either from OTUs or Amplicon Sequence Variants. We provide compositionally appropriate exploratory data analysis and statistical comparison. We provide strain level resolution and high throughput functional annotation with state-of-the-art bioinformatic approaches.